In environments cultivating creativity and productivity, drugs are illegal, detrimental and unwelcome and yet still, some people will take liberties with the law. A bold and well-placed sign reminds the public, employees and students that they are entering a vigilant establishment that has zero tolerance for illegal substances. In the effort of creating a safer working and learning environment and to comply with drug free policy in schools and the work place, insist upon signs stating that drugs are prohibited from the premises. A drug free school sign serves to protect students and staff from drug activity and related violence and provides peace of mind to both students and parents. SignsToYou creates high quality signs boldly prohibiting the use or carrying of drugs on or near schools and/or the workplace so that all may benefit from a peaceful and productive learning environment.

Don't delay, chose from one of our many "Drug Free School" or "Drug Free Policy" templates. Alternatively, you can customize your own at no extra charge and your signs can be shipped in two business days or less. Quantity discounts are available in addition to free shipping for larger orders.