It is widely known that the consumption of alcohol can lead to noisy, rowdy and even violent and illegal behavior. It is thus in the best interest of the safety of the public as well as those consuming alcohol that certain areas be designated as a "No Alcohol" or an "Alcohol Prohibited" area. Such places may include offices or business establishments, parks, beaches and/or public swimming areas, public streets or anywhere that intoxication and a blurring of judgment could lead to public disturbance or traumatic and even fatal accidents. Proper placement of a clear and striking no alcohol sign will help to alert people of the importance of alcohol-related safety and the safety of children, families and other members of the public. Alcohol, if not used responsibly, is a dangerous and poisonous substance and thus it is fundamental that its consumption be restricted to safe and licensed venues or to within the confines of the home. While most adults understand this, it is still important to place stern reminders of the policies in certain public properties and facilities, as accidents can be avoided due to simple ignorance of laws regarding public drinking.

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