Smoking is an archaic human habit that is widely condemned for the detrimental effects it has on the health of the smoker and to those around them. As more and more people become aware of the dangers of smoking to themselves and to their children, so too do the number of anti-smoking laws increase. Nowadays, public facilities, restaurants, bars, airports and shopping malls are clamping down on smokers in compliance with the law by prohibiting the act entirely or providing strict demarcated smoking areas. The "No Smoking" sign or No Smoking logo has become universally recognized and is essential to protect the health of non-smoking people in public places.

Smoking is a choice made for the individual. Do not allow smoking in places where it may damage non-smokers by putting up the discrete, yet powerful message of the widely recognized "non-smoking" logo. SignToYou offers you the unique choice to either choose from one of the many standard "No Smoking" signs, or for the same price you can custom design your own humorous or stern reprimand for smoking within your business or establishment. Placing "No Smoking" signs or the universally recognizable "No Smoking" logo will minimize confusion and incidents of public smoking. It is wisely said that "we don't all smoke, but we do all breathe."