Metal A-Frame signs offer businesses an option that is not only convenient, but also sturdy and able to endure the elements. The metal A-Frame sidewalk signs frame your promotional material in a way that is sure to catch attention and draw customers who might not see your storefront otherwise. Unlike the plastic signs, a metal frame on your sidewalk sign will add a touch of class as well as structural durability.

Our metal Curb Classic and Curb Windmaster signs differ from the classic A-Frame signs not only in appearance but also in functionality. While they are just as easy to transport, they are made to bend with the wind so they do not tip-over very easily. Best for those who live in windy areas.

You can order the A-Frame and insert your own graphic, send us your artwork to print or have us professionally create a custom sign that fits perfectly and gives your business professional credibility. If you ever decide to update your signage, simply order a new sign, slide the old sign out and insert the new custom sign into the frame. Keep several signs and you can change them daily or even transport the A-Frame from one location to another and use for as many store sales as you want.

The metal A-Frame sign is ideal for small businesses, churches, shopping malls, kiosks or anything that would need eye-catching useful information to attract potential clientele or relay a message.