Sidewalk signs with changeable lettering are a great choice for vendors who are offering a variety of sales and need to change their message regularly. The bold text these sidewalk signs display let drivers as well as pedestrians easily read your sign promotions while moving and at a distance. These changeable lettering signs are great for all weather conditions, easily maintained, easily transportable and easily stored like any other A-Frame sign.

The lettering is simply removed by sliding each individual letter out the side and then replaced by sliding in your new word or words.

Since this sidewalk sign is so versatile, ideal businesses would be drugstores, convenient marts, gas stations, cafes and any other storefront easily seen from the road or by pedestrians who would offer daily specials or anything of the sort.

Surely, the advantages a sidewalk sign with changeable lettering offers far outweigh the disadvantageous of using a one-time-use sign of any sort. Also, while homemade signs you would put in your window might get the message across, the professionalism of a sidewalk sign offers credibility consumers are attracted to.

Consider changeable lettering sidewalk signs for your next sales event and see how easy it is to advertise your product.