Elections occur every year, and millions of Americans cast their votes all throughout the year to support their favorite politicians for public office. In each and every election, every vote counts. Now, you can help support your party and candidate by placing attractive, eye-catching political election car magnets on your vehicle. Show off your party pride by showcasing magnetic vehicle signs featuring the colors and logos of your party - whether you are a Republican, Democrat, Green, etc. You can also advertise your candidate's name and even remind those who see your car magnet to vote on Election Day, ensuring that you will get the word out and help get people to the polls. With us, you will receive magnetic vehicle signs that are truly useful. They are made with care out of resilient vinyl and attach safely to your vehicle. They also will last and are protected from the sun with a special UV coating. We offer a wide variety of election car magnets, but also offer custom car magnets to those who want to personalize a message to would-be voters from their vehicles. Be sure to help your candidate win at the polls by advertising their name and party well before Election Day with magnetic signs on your car.