Schools and other community facilities will often have an alcohol policy because of alcohol problems in the past. People who misuse alcohol or drugs are best discouraged from community areas like schools. School signs can help prevent this behavior, clearly stating No Drugs, No Alcohol. It is not only schools that want to stop this anti social behavior. Shop owners and businesses will often want to prevent people entering their premises with drugs or alcohol. Signs can be simple warning signs or they can state the law surrounding drug use near schools.

Here at Signs To You we have a range of pre designed No Drugs No Alcohol Signs. If you have a specific message to get across you can custom build your own sign using our custom designer. We don't charge any extra for this, you pay the same rate for a pre designed sign as a custom sign. All our signs are made of durable, rustproof .080 aluminum with rounded corners and pre drilled holes for easy fitting. We ship out within 2-3 days but if you need your signs in a hurry, call us and we'll ship out same day if possible.