If you have a business, the last thing you want is undesirable people loitering outside. It is damaging to business and puts your customers off coming to your premises. A no loitering sign can discourage this happening. Other signage like no trespassing or other security yard signs can help to keep undesirables away. Prohibition signs are a very useful tool to keep your premises secure. It is not only businesses like warehouses or industrial parks that are affected but residential complexes and private property too.

You can buy signs online from us and have them shipped to you within a couple of business days. If you are in a hurry, call us and we will try to get them out same day if possible. Our friendly customer service team are glad to help. We only provide the best quality .080 aluminum signs at the best prices. All our signs have rounded corners so there are no sharp edges. We pre drill the signs so that they are easy to fit to a sign post or wall. They measure 18" tall x12" wide. If you can't find a pre designed sign for your needs then you can design your own custom sign at no extra cost.