When you need to chock rear wheels, it is best to have a sign posted in order for all drivers to know that this procedure is necessary. Chocking the back wheels of a vehicle is an easy but useful thing to do to prevent rollback. Rollback occurs when the car, truck or other vehicle is parked on a highly graded hill and the vehicle begins to roll down the hill. Obviously, this causes great danger to other people on the road and also causes damage to the vehicle itself.

Many people may not think to chock rear wheels since they have a parking brake engaged, but many accidents occur every year involving faulty or old parking brakes going out, sending the car uncontrolled and downhill. In order for people to know that this course of action is necessary, it is advisable to post a sign in the area.

These chock rear wheels signs offer a very high level of quality and durability, lasting through several seasons of rain, snow, ice and heat. Most sites that require drivers to chock rear wheels are located in the mountains, and the mountains are typically home to extreme weather conditions. If your house, business, or tourist attraction is located on a hill, it is heavily advised that you post several of these signs around the grounds. This will help make your place look more professional and inviting while keeping everyone safe at the same time.