Health Safety Signs

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Health is a major concern for everybody, especially for those working in an industrial or commercial unit of a business in which food is being prepared or served. Whenever food is involved, a certain level of health safety is sure to be administered. By using our bold signs to remind staff of these health regulations, an employer can reduce the risk of contamination of their products.

Health signs cover topics such as washing hands, wearing a hair net, keep area clean, food designation areas, sterile zone and various activity demarcation signs for food preparation and consumption points.

SignsToYou offers bold, blue health and safety precautionary signs that should be placed all around areas where health safety is important. Blue health notice signs remind employees to perform the basic health and cleanliness checks that may be required. Other health signs act as a regulatory reminder to employees of health and safety restrictions of which a factory must adhere at all times. These signs help to prevent the spread of disease and illness through poor health practices in the workplace.

All of SignsToYou's health signs are available in durable polystyrene plastic or .040 aluminum for heavy-duty durability and robustness. Order now and ensure your workplace is up to standards on health safety while enjoying peace of mind.