Hard Hat Signs

The hard hat sign is a safety warning in areas where there exists a possibility of head injury. Given the potential gravity of head trauma, the hard hat sign is absolutely necessary in areas and the vicinity around areas where there is a risk of injury caused by impact with hard low surfaces, falling objects, debris or electric shock. The sign makes a strong and direct statement for protective gear in the form of a thick plastic hat to be worn at all times. Hard hat signs are typically required where heavy labor is being performed, such as in factories or on construction sites.

Hard hat signs should be strategically placed so that people entering a hazardous area are pre-warned of the risks that exist. Subsequently, they can take the appropriate measures upon entering the said area, or in the case of the public; avoid it. These signs prove to be most effective when placed at eye level at the entrance to a potentially hazardous site.

Prevent accidental injury and comply with the Occupational Safety and Health legislation by choosing from one of our many hard hat signs available in plastic (polystyrene), as decals or magnetic signs or in strong aluminum.