First Aid Signs

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First aid is vital in the case of an emergency in which a worker is injured and needs urgent medical care. In an industry where injuries may occur frequently, first aid locations must be clearly marked using specially designed ANSI and OSHA approved symbols. Ensure the safety today of employees and the public by installing our instructional first aid (locations) signs in your business or building.

In a busy industrial setting where heavy machinery is the norm, employees are exposed to many potentially hazardous tasks due to their employment requirements. First aid (locations) instructions are needed in all areas of an industrial setting in case of an injury. All first aid (locations) signs are brightly green in color and designed to be easily seen. This is to greater assist people in a panicked or injured condition to locate first aid (locations) installations as quickly as possible.

For the most part first aid (locations) will deal with common workplace injuries like falls, burns, scrapes, breaks and cuts. However, in some cases, first aid (locations) will be required to deal with life-threatening injuries such as a heart attack or an injury sustained during the operation of heavy machinery. For these emergencies, first aid (locations) must be properly labeled and sign posted so that no time is wasted in getting the victim to medical care. Order yours today.