Many dangers arise during the process of welding, which involves the softening of metal through incredibly high temperatures and attaching it to other metal pieces or surfaces. As such, there are a host of precautions necessary to take in order to ensure the safety of all people involved; from the welder him or herself, to any and all individuals in the immediate vicinity of where the welding is taking place. Welding signs state the nature of the work being undertaken in a specific area and thus call for the exercising of extreme caution. There are other themes of welding signs, such as the "cutting and welding permit required in this area" sign, which alerts people to the fact that they are required by law to obtain or hold a valid license in order to weld in that area. This aids in the protection of the public by ensuring that the welder in question is a practicing professional and respects the safety of the locale for others.

Welding is a hazardous occupation and having specified welding informative signs serve to make it as safe as possible for all concerned. It encourages members of the public to steer clear and informs the welders themselves to exercise caution in their work, for example, wearing protective gear and masks, etc. All welding warning signs should always be adhered to ensure the safety of all.