A gas cylinder is constructed with the sole responsibility of carrying high-pressure gas for use in industry and recreational activities. The gases that are inside a gas cylinder can be highly explosive and so any mishandling or damage during transport or storage can cause the gas cylinder to leak contents or potentially explode. Cautionary signs from SingsToYou can express to employees exactly how Gas Cylinders should correctly be stored and handled and proper placement of these signs can prove to be an invaluable precaution in the long-term.

Our high-pressure gas cylinder signs can inform employees of the presence a gas cylinder holding flammable and explosive gases and also any instructions pertaining to them. These signs should also deter a worker from smoking anywhere within the vicinity, possibly igniting them and causing injury to not only themselves but others as well.

Our signs utilize easy-to-read writing with simple and effective imagery to help make them apparent and informative to employees and the public. All signs are water-resistant and built to last, available in high-quality .40mm aluminum or polystyrene plastic. Order yours today to ensure that your business maintains good safety practices while avoiding potential injuries and immense damage to property and equipment.