Lockout and Maintenance Signs

Lockout and maintenance signs can be used in all sorts of work places and they are particularly effective when tag out or lockout systems are used when operating certain equipment. If you're industry uses tag out systems or frequently requires machinery to be under maintenance you will understand the importance of avoiding accidents before they happen. By incorporating lockout and maintenance signs into your work place you can ensure that these clearly visible and understandable signs will help avoid any potential accidents that can occur if people aren't aware of maintenance for example. By placing these, an employer demonstrates that they care about the safety of their employees and it shows the importance placed upon health and the avoidance of any accidents or injuries.

Lockout and maintenance signs can come with a caution, danger or notice heading labeled on the top in prominent writing. They serve as a reminder to follow lockout procedures, they demonstrate when authorized personnel only are allowed in, they encourage safety in the work place and in maintenance and they can help make employees adhere to company rules.