These days we are so used to drinking water from taps without any consideration that we assume water from any tap is safe. However this is not the case in all places of work and in a scientific laboratory for example there are sources of undrinkable water which need to be signposted. Non potable water signs are crucial to the safety of employees who work around unsafe water and it is also important to inform any visitors what is and isn't drinkable. Our non potable water signs are simple in design and message and they will provide a clear warning to anybody who sees them. They also catch the eye with their bright and bold colors and this is absolutely necessary of any warning signs.

Non potable water signs can help prevent any accidents or illnesses related to contaminated or non drinkable recycled water. The effects of drinking contaminated water can be especially unpleasant and it is a good idea to try and prevent this by installing our non potable water signs. We also sell drinkable water signs which are useful to help indicate where a source of drinkable water is in an environment where the water is generally unsafe.