The personal protective equipment (PPE) sign alerts people to the possible danger of sharp objects, glass or toxic substances on the ground that could lead to personal harm. The foot protection sign serves as a specific warning to these hazards and reminds workers as well the public that they are entering a potentially hazardous area for which foot protection is required; most likely in the form of steel-toed boots or safety boots.

Foot protection signs should be placed in areas where there is the direct risk of injury through blunt impacts, heat exposure, electrical hazards or chemicals coming into contact with a person's feet. As such, the foot protection sign can be utilized in areas such as construction and building sites, factories and industrial environments. One or more foot protection sign should, in accordance with Occupational Safety and Health legislation, be placed in an area that is clearly visible to those at risk of injury. Foot protection signs are most effective when placed at eye level at the entrance to a hazardous environment, where human traffic is sure to pass.

Prevent injury and avoid safety penalties by purchasing one of our many foot safety signs available in plastic (polystyrene) or aluminum metal. Also available as a decal or a magnetic sign.