Flammable and Explosive Signs

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The use of flammable and explosive materials in today's industries is extremely widespread. Due to this, safety signs that express potential danger caused by substances that are flammable and explosive are essential.

Our signs illustrate to employees that precautions should be taken to avoid an accident occurring due to the presence of substances such as kerosene, explosives, chemicals, hydrogen and other natural gases used in many mining and industrial settings. High quality and durable cautionary signs will instruct employees to avoid smoking or using open flames in areas where there may be exposure and risk of igniting flammable substances and materials.

Warning signs from SignsToYou are simple and direct in notifying when individuals are entering an area of danger caused by flammable and explosive elements. Due to these highly effective signs, employees and and the public will proceed with caution around these dangerous materials, decreasing the risk of possible accidental ignition or potentially hazardous contact.

Our safety signs are clearly marked to warn of flammable and explosive materials and are available in bold, eye-catching colors including black, red and yellow. Order yours today and ensure your business or property is safe and fully compliant with safety regulations.