While a gate is a very useful tool, the presence of a gate can be potentially hazardous in operation and in placement. Additionally, simple instructions sometimes need to be stated where they exist, such as keeping the gate closed. Helpful signs made by SignsToYou can provide gate instructions and help to prevent visitors and employees from being hurt during the operations of a gate. They can also warn approaching drivers of its presence to avoid an unexpected and destructive encounter.

As many gates that are used in large industries and homes are electric, the risk of a gate crushing or hitting a worker or a visitor is a concern. This is why safety signs are needed around a gate to inform the public and employees of its presence and any restrictions placed upon use of the gate. In the case that a gate is to remain closed, why not place a high quality, bold cautionary sign displaying this to avoid any mishaps caused by visitors?

Order your gate sign today to ensure that it remains safe and properly tended to. Gate signs from SignsToYou are available in robust .040 aluminum or highly-durable polystyrene plastic. Useful decals are also available for smaller jobs.