The conveyor is one of the most important elements of a distribution center, manufacturing plant, or warehouse. Having a safe system is even more important. The first step to having an adequately safe setup is to post several signs around the area. Every year there are countless injuries due to operator error, and these could be avoided easily if the proper signs are placed around the area. These conveyor safety signs are of a very high quality aluminum for outdoor use and polystyrene plastic for indoor use.

In the days before the conveyor, productivity was limited to how fast the line workers could complete their tasks. However, the variation in time that occurred at each station got multiplied so that the time it took to complete a process was extremely dynamic. That is, planners could rarely predict how long something would take to be completed and could not plan delivery lead time either. This affected the business severely until advances in automation came along.

These systems are some of the best ways to increase productivity in logistics centers around the world. Unfortunately, injuries due to these systems cost companies millions of dollars every year. This is money that could easily be saved by posting the proper signs around the work area.