While many of the signs that get posted to inform people of possible danger are only needed to fulfill a legal obligation, the Electric Static and Grounding signs featured here are essential to people´s safety. For example, if someone posts a crane sign on a construction site, most people already know that there is a crane present, as it peers out over everything. However, when dealing with electricity, the danger is not obvious to most people. In order to protect yourself, employees and visitors to your facility, it is a good idea to post this sign if electric static and grounding are issues in a particular place.

These signs are custom made, so you can have vocabulary that exactly mirrors your need or go with a generic electric static and grounding sign. Either way, your people will feel safer working at your site.

Those who might need one of these signs include testing facilities, laboratories and factories dealing with electronics manufacturing. Upon inspection of the facility, the professionalism and caution taken on will be evident to the one inspecting the site. Keep your people safe and maintain an image of authority and precaution with a set of these signs.