PPE face protection signs grab the attention and warn everyone to protect their face with the appropriate equipment due to hazards in the area. Our PPE face protection signs are striking, clearly labeled and are accompanied with an easily decipherable picture. The picture is especially handy if your workplace contains workers with a variety of native tongues and you can be sure that if the English isn't understood, the picture definitely is.

Face protection is required in construction, when welding is taking place and when people work with dangerous chemicals or in a volatile environment. If this sounds like your workplace, perhaps it is time you considered purchasing some of our no-nonsense PPE face protection signs. Our signs are easy to install and are readily available in either plastic polystyrene or aluminum. Alternatively, they can also be purchased as decals or magnets.

Our PPE face protection signs can be combined with a number of instructions to guarantee all-around safety. A sign can incorporate instructions to wear protective gloves and even a protective apron. These signs are still uncomplicated in their design and the raise an even greater awareness for health and safety amongst your employees.