Temperature warning signs serve to warn the public and/or employees about the existence of conditions of temperature extremes. These warnings may come with a variety of messages that cover the full host of dangers that may arise from temperature extremes, such as: "Hot water," "Hot surfaces" or "refrigerated contents". These signs are extremely important as they alert the public and/or employees to the danger and potential bodily harm they could sustain should they enter a specific area or touch a surface, etc. In the case of refrigerated rooms, they serve to warn people to be careful when entering as the doors tend to be weighted and lock when they close.

Temperature warning signs are fundamental to have, especially in factories or industrial facilities, where dangers caused by temperature extremes exist. Furthermore, they are required by the Occupational Safety and Health legislation act. Signs warning of extreme temperature or burn hazards are to be visibly placed in all areas that pose a threat. Temperature signs are most effective when positioned at eye-level above the relevant surface or outside the relevant door.

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