Hand Protection Signs

Hand protection signs are essential as a form of personal protective equipment as they serve to warn workers and the public alike that there is the potential threat of a hand related injury. This could arise from a number of hazards, including hot or burning objects, abrasive surfaces, chemically toxic or corrosive elements or electrically active fences, wires, etc. Hand protection signs serve as a preventative measure in areas where these kinds of threats are common.

One or more hand protection signs should be visibly placed at eye level directly over the area they apply to. Placing hand protection signs will not only serve as a means to prevent grave injury and possibly fatality, but will also serve to protect yourself or your company from penalties that may arise out of disregard for Occupational Safety and Health legislation. Hand protection signs, where necessary, are required by law.

You can choose from our wide range of Hand Protection signs which are manufactured from plastic (polystyrene) or aluminum sheet metal. Decals or magnetic signs are also available.