Danger Signs

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The Danger sign is one of the most widely used and recognized signs posted around areas which have potentially dangerous activities going on. These would include construction sites, gun ranges, animal preserves, mining areas and chemical storage facilities. The uses for this sign are numerous and it is a good idea to have several on hand in order to be ready for your next project.

When someone sees a danger sign, they know to be careful around a certain area. This added awareness will keep them from getting injured. When people avoid injuries on your premises, everything is better since there is no possible threat of legal action and no hospital bills to pay. Accidents will always happen, but when you show your due diligence by posting these signs around your construction site, you will have proven that you did not act out of negligence.

These Danger signs are made from your choice of high-quality aluminum or durable polystyrene in order to match the duty of the project you need them for. Each sign is custom printed with UV treated ink which can last through years of outdoor weathering. Since these signs are inexpensive and highly useful, it is recommended to pick up a few as soon as possible.