One of the most useful signs is the Door Safety sign. This is simply because every business has many doors and many of them may cause possible injury for people who do not take the necessary precautions around them. These particular signs are a great choice because they are made of high quality materials, can be affixed to any surface, and vibrantly display the possible danger.

There a multitude of various doors that require Door Safety signs. Fire doors should be properly marked in order to provide people a clear path to take in the case of an emergency evacuation. In fact, under some jurisdictions, this sign is absolutely required. Another door which needs a door safety sign is the automatic door. People have been injured by these portals because they were not properly marked by signs. In order to keep people safe and to keep yourself free of legal trouble, it is always a good idea to mark these automatic doorways. Security doors and emergency doors should also be marked in order to prevent injury and enable operations.

Door safety signs can be custom made to address the specific type of door you have at your facility. There are also generic signs which will acceptably demark doors which need signs.