In the case of a fire or other emergency in which an evacuation must commence, a fire exit is the designated escape route to safety. A fire exit is specially designed to allow people quick and direct access to the outside of a building, so it's important that they're utilized when necessary.

By decree of law all buildings designs must prominently incorporate and display fire exits. Above every fire exit in all industrial or commercial buildings such as a factory or mall, there should be a fire exit sign. As danger and fire are always represented in red, so then are many fire exit signs. Our fire exit and related safety signs are made to be as noticeable as possible without taking over the aesthetic appeal of the structure.

The fire exit plays such a vital role in the safety of employees; it is essential to follow any signs representing regulatory controls associated with the fire escape. For instance, blocking a fire escape is highly dangerous as it may prevent employees from being able to use the fire exit rendering it invalid. Fire exit signs can help ensure this doesn't happen. They also make sure all employees and patrons are aware of the quickest and most effective fire exit for them.