Lake and Waterway Signs

Lakes and waterways require signs for a variety of reasons. They are particularly hazardous places fraught with dangers which need to be known by all. Also there are often strict rules regarding a large area of water and these need to be clearly signposted so they are adhered to.

A lake and waterway danger or caution sign can help prevent any unwanted injuries or accidents from occurring. These signs can help indicate such things as strong currents, thin ice, deep water or motorized craft. A lake and water danger sign is bold and obvious and comes with a specialized picture associated with the danger and this helps prevent any language misunderstanding because the message is clear. A lake and waterway sign can also promote life jacket safety and this is important because the wearing of life jackets is regulated by law in many places.

Large areas of water often need strict rules to avoid any unwanted trouble and these can include no snorkeling, no diving, no smoking and no fishing. A lake and waterway notice sign can present these rules in a no nonsense manner with bold writing and a crossed out picture to ensure everyone gets the message.