The dangers posed by strong magnetic fields, radiation and x-rays in the medical environment are well known. This is why it is necessary to take the appropriate steps and install warning and caution signs. These MRI - CT Scan - X ray warning signs are needed to ensure employee safety and the safety of those who will be assessed by the equipment. There are perfect to be used in a hospital or clinic possessing any of this equipment and they can help prevent any unnecessary accidents.

The MRI - CT Scan - X Ray signs can provide a number of cautions and dangers regarding radiation, magnetic fields, the effects on a pace maker, authorized personnel only, no foil or metal near the machinery and machinery in use. It is important for a hospital or clinic to stress the effect these machines could have on a pace maker because if the advice is not made absolutely clear it could amount to a fatal accident. MRI - CT Scan - X Ray signs are sold in the default polystyrene but are also available in aluminum. MRI - CT Scan - X Ray signs are easily understandable and straight to the point.