PPE ear protection signs are ideal for a noisy workplace and without the appropriate warning provided by these signs, employees can become the victim of long-term ear damage and can even suffer from deafness. Loud and harmful noises can be caused by industrial machinery, airplanes, drilling and often construction site work is laden with loud and harmful noises. If your employees are working in an environment that contains painfully loud noises such as those already mentioned, it is absolutely necessary to install some PPE ear protection signs.

Placing PPE ear protection signs around the workplace shows you care for the health and safety of your employees. Occasionally workers can forget to use ear protection and a strategically placed sign can make sure this never happens again. Our PPE ear protections signs are designed with easy to understand pictures which demonstrate to anybody that it is necessary to protect your ears. They also come with bold instructions and colors to help really drive home the message. Using our PPE ear protection signs will reduce the risk of any ear related problems and will significantly increase the health and safety awareness in your work environment.