The lung protection sign is fundamental to display in areas that may contain air pollutants, poisonous or corrosive gasses or air-borne pathogens that could cause grave harm to one's respiratory system. The lung protection sign serves as a bold reminder that masks or respiratory protection devices are necessary upon entering the specified environment and where exposure to harmful chemicals, gasses or pathogens may exist. Lung protection signs are most commonly found and needed in areas such as laboratories, factories and chemical distribution warehouses.

Given the grave harm and health implications that could arise out of exposure to any of these toxic and damaging agents, it is of vital importance that the lung protection sign is clearly visible and placed immediately outside the contaminated or harmful area. SignsToYou specialize in bright, bold and eye-catching designs that will aid in the effective prevention of unnecessary harm to employees or the public as well as help your business adhere to Occupational Safety and Health legislature.

Why take the risk? As a keen preventative measure, you can select your lung protection sign from one of our many bold designs, which are available in plastic or aluminum and as decal or magnetic signs.