The Radiation sign warns employees and the public that the area that they are about to enter features harmful levels of high energy radiation. Exposure to radiation can lead to a number of detrimental health effects, which in the short-term include violent nausea, vomiting, headaches and blurry vision (referred to as radiation poisoning or sickness). Long term exposure to radiation can result in serious and permanent damage to the body, including the high risk of a plethora of conditions, syndromes and cancerous growths. One of these conditions is referred to as "a creeping dose," which is a form of tissue damage caused by excessive exposure to radiation.

Given the numerous and dire health implications of exposure to radiation, an effective and eye-catching sign is entirely necessary to warn people away from a particularly hazardous area or room. With SignsToYou's bold designs, you are sure to avoid the unpleasant circumstances of employee or public injury and the subsequent law suits caused by neglecting to provide the appropriate warning systems. The radiation sign is an effective tool to keeping people safe and away from contaminated areas.

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