While one may not consider radio waves to be at all harmful - they are, after all, all around us - people that have heart implants or pacemakers are especially susceptible to high levels of Radio wave frequencies (RF). RF signs are thus fundamental to display to prevent such people from wandering into designated areas or rooms where RF levels are particularly high. Microwave signs perform much the same function; however, they are applicable to a far greater number of people since high levels of microwave energy would effectively cook you from the inside out! Microwave signs warn people to stay out of areas that exceed the biohazard limit. Microwave signs also serve as a warning to pregnant women, to whose unborn babies these rays could prove to be severely damaging. Lastly, Microwave signs can be used to warn people about putting foil or metal objects or dishes into them, since this can cause sparks and electrical fire.

By placing the relevant microwave warning sign at eye level and in a clearly visible place, you will effectively help deter any potential mishaps that may arise. SignsToYou offers a variety of microwave warning sign and you can choose from our wide range of bold, eye-catching designs available in plastic, aluminum, magnetic or decal formats.