Trip hazard signs are necessary where unstable surroundings or a ground littered with objects, such as a construction site, presents a hazard of people causing themselves injury. The Trip Hazard sign makes the public and/or employees more aware of their environment so as to avoid this. Areas where the persistent or even temporary risk of tripping or slipping on unstable or treacherous ground exists can all be marked by a trip hazard sign; for example, when cleaning is in progress. "Mind your step" signs are also examples of Trip Hazards signs and are especially useful in areas where the ground unpredictably rises or drops.

There are also other trip hazard specific signs with regards to there being different flooring levels that may be dangerous. Trip hazard signs in all their forms are specifically designed for the protection and safety of people. These warning signs are most effective when placed in clear view of people entering an unsafe area. SignsToYou does the rest by presenting the full array of bold and eye-catching trip hazard signs, which are crafted from plastic (polystyrene) or high-quality aluminum (0.040) and available as decal or magnetic signs. Make sure your premises are secure against accident and/or injury by increasing awareness of trip hazards.